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Powerhouse Fire Lawyers

The Powerhouse Fire of June 2013 devastated the lives of homeowners and renters, affected businesses, and caused a significant number of injuries.  The Powerhouse Fire affected homes and neighborhoods around Lake Hughes, Elizabeth Lake, and surrounding areas.  Initial news reports stated that the Powerhouse Fire started “near” Los Angeles Department of Water & Power’s (DWP) Station No. 1.  This station is a hydroelectric plant, and is the oldest plant in Los Angeles (built in 1917).

We are a team of lawyers who have extensive experience litigating against Utility Companies on behalf of fire victims.  We represented over 1,600 individuals and businesses that were affected by the 2007 San Diego Fires, which destroyed nearly one third of San Diego County.  We brought claims against San Diego Gas & Electric, Cox Communications, Davey Tree, and other responsible entities. Our clients came from all walks of life, and they received zealous advocacy and excellent results.  While the types of damages that are recoverable vary from case to case, we pursued – and obtained – damages for our clients’ economic losses and emotional distress.

Our approach in handling these cases was unique.  Rather than settling all of the cases as a group, we handled each case individually. This means that we took care to evaluate each client’s individual losses.  Our clients included homeowners, renters, people without insurance, individuals who suffered personal injuries, commercial avocado and citrus growers, and other business entities.

We take the time to ensure that our clients are also compensated for the emotional harm they suffer as a result of the fires.  The law provides for compensation for the particular grief associated with loss of your home, loss of your possessions, and being placed in fear for your life from fire.  We fight to maximize compensation for the emotional distress that people suffer during and after a destructive fire.   

As of March 2014, we have filed a lawsuit against LADWP.  

If you have been affected by the Powerhouse Fire, please feel free to call our offices for more information at (760) 697-1330 or (619) 955-5254.

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